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SoluScience understands the issues associated with poor drug solubility which can lead to low bioavailability resulting in suboptimal drug delivery.

The majority of the failures in new drug development have been attributed to poor water solubility. About 40% of drugs with market approval have limited water solubility. With the advent of various insoluble drug delivery technologies, the opportunity to formulate enhanced water-soluble transport carriers is significant.

SoluScience offers the following benefits to its customers:

  • Optimal Drug Delivery
  • Increased Water Solubility
  • Increased Potency


Increased Bioavailability

We are increasing the extent and rate in which drugs can enter the circulatory system.

Water Soluble

Taking hydrophobic APIs and making them hydrophilic, thereby making them water soluble.

Increased Potency

By making the drug water soluble, SoluScience is able to increase the potency to the system.

Why choose us?

Transform Your Drug

Numerous drugs associated with poor solubility and low bioavailability have been formulated into successful drug products.

Create Effective Therapy

The search for innovative medicines in disease management without compromising on safety and efficacy is a challenge. In spite of significant success in the discovery of new drugs, there are still unmet medical conditions, which need effective therapy.

Modified Formulations

Recent studies have revealed that discovery and development of new drugs alone are not sufficient to achieve therapeutic excellence and capture market economies. Therefore, modified formulations of existing drugs are gaining more importance. The improved formulation of existing drugs is turning out to be lucrative business for the pharmaceutical industry.






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SoluScience is developing water-soluble transport formulations to improve the bioavailability for existing and future medicines.